COACER STEMCELLRegenerating Human Potential


COACER STEMCELL is the oldest and most authoritative bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell in the world.
Alexander Friedenstein of Russia discovered the first bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in the world in 1969.
For about 50 years since 1974, conducting research and clinical trials on bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells at the Russian Radiation Research Institute.
COACER STEMCELL is the oldest and most reputable mesenchymal stem cell in the world, transferred from the technology of Russian Radiation Research Institute and fused with Japan’s advanced culture technology (granted license of invention).
Until now, more than 7,000 clinical trials and treatments have been used to build trust and accumulate practical achievements in this type of stem cell.
And in 2019, COACER is a new project based on COACER STEMCELL as a global company that provides eternal youth beyond regenerative medicine in Vietnam, where the world’s most economic development and the world’s investors gather Eternal Youth System has started.


We develop and provide programs that provide eternal youth beyond regenerative medicine, in partnership with clinics and stay-type resort facilities throughout Vietnam.
COACER STEMCELL, which regenerate all cells in the body, Experts believe that it can bring about health, rejuvenation and maximum human lifespan by continuous treatment.
In addition, stem cells also have the ability to restore impaired brain function, limb inconvenience, impaired visceral function, any disease and anti-aging.
People will be able to challenge further possibilities by resolving various problems caused by aging and maximizing their original abilities.
What we provide is not rejuvenation by a time machine. But with your current experiences and knowledge, you will be able to rejuvenate your body as well as your mind, which will help support us to make more plans in the future …
COACER STEMCELL unleashes the potential of people in a new era and creates a new story for mankind.


Regenerate various cells in the body

Originally, the amount of mesenchymal stem cells existing in bone marrow was extremely small, and it was considered difficult to even find them.
The cells used as COACER STEMCELLs are extremely rare, one in 100,000 of all stem cells in the bone marrow.
This is a bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell called CD34 (-).
It is a multipotent stem cell that has the ability to differentiate into various cells and regenerate many parts that need to be regenerated (bones, muscles, blood vessels, organs, skin …).

The number of cells administered is 300 million, the highest in the market.

Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells are the most promising for their pluripotency.
However, it has been considered difficult to collect rare CD34- cells and to culture them.
However, the long-standing technological history of the Russian Radiation Research Institute, combined with Japanese biotechnology has created the highest supreme mesenchymal stem cells in the world.
COACER STEMCELL selects mesenchymal stem cells, which are rarely rejected by anyone, by carefully selecting from allogeneic cells collected from healthy young donors in their 20s.
Based on these cells, we have succeeded in culturing to 300 million cells in just two weeks using our proprietary patented biotechnology, achieving a stable supply.
Currently, in collaboration with Tokyo Medical University, we are conducting joint research and checking on safety and quality.

Results are surely received from this program

COACER’s stem cell treatment is a package of three sets of stem cell administration called the Eternal Youth System.
There are two types of stem cell treatment: direct injection into the affected area or systemic treatment by infusion into a vein. But most treatments are done by infusion into a vein except where the therapeutic purpose is to regenerate a certain part. (Some stem cells may be left in small quantities and injected at the desired location.)
The therapy involves infusing stem cells into a vein, where the stem cells circulate throughout the body through blood vessels and differentiate the conduction to the required location.
As a result, not only illnesses, but also potentially life-threatening parts will be given a priority, it is said that only 25% of people can get their first treatment.
In addition, implanting rates are different among individuals and a single treatment (especially a small number of stem cells) is often not very effective.
Therefore, in COACER stemcell therapy, one-time injection corresponds to more than 300 million cells and the course is administered three times over a three-month period so that almost everyone can realize clear results.
By doing so, you can improve most of the actual diseases and anxiety caused by aging, and you will realize the intense vitality that is emerging.


Stem cell donors whose ages around 20 ~ 25 years old and are strictly screened at the Russian government cell donation bank.
The stem cell is extracted from bone marrow cells, furthermore undifferentiated and non-rejectable CD34- extracted from the collected bone marrow stem cells is very safe without matching with the donor.
In addition, for cell culture, the culture fluid approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) according to high quality compliance standards(Good Manufacturing Practice ).
High quality is guaranteed by the cultivation and storage process using unique patented technology.

treatment process

  • STEP.01Consultation via email
    We will give you a free consultation. The answer will be from a person in charge of our stem cell program (not a doctor). Please note that we will not be able to respond to questions requiring an answer from doctor via email.
  • STEP.02Treatment decision
    If you have decided to receive treatment with stem cells, we will give you a agreement form. Only when you agree with the content in a deal, we will sign the commitment together.
  • STEP.03Confirming cell treatment process
    Choosing the suitable donor for you and culture stem cells. Therefore, after confirming the payment, we will contact you again and then confirm the schedule for you.
  • STEP.04Stem cell culture
    Starting culture at the cell culture processing facility. The cultivation period is about 2 weeks, and the culture is grown to the required number. The prepared stem cells are stored frozen until using.
  • STEP.05Original cell treatment process
    Treating stem cells in Viet Nam. After processing, please take a rest in 8 hours to arise the rate of existing cells. Initial treatment is processed third times in 3 months (Around per month)
  • STEP.06Monitoring (before) after treatment
    After confirming the condition before using stem cells, the evaluation is carried out periodically for one year after using to confirm its safety and effectiveness.


Please tell me the payment method and the currency that can be paid
For payment please transfer to the designated account in Japanese Yen.
Could the customer specify the location for the treatment ?
Currently it is only available in Vietnam. We offer a number of partner clinics and stay packages, so please select from the candidates suggested here.
Could I cancel ?
Once stem cell culture is started, we cannot cancel it. In the unlikely event, be sure to cancel before culturing.


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